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Gal Yerushalmi(1987)

Painter & sculptor 

lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

In my paintings, lines, colors, textures and shapes interact in singular ways that do not conform to a specific, predetermined, or even fixed aesthetic. As such, I devise my own language and shape my own guidelines, which I continuously test, re-examine, and expand upon throughout the execution of my paintings.  


The grand dimensions of the canvases are an attempt to envelop the viewers directly into the scenes of the paintings, ultimately inviting them to explore the particular elements and intricacies of the pieces.


My three-dimensional works, which range from amorphous figures to more geometric structures, are raw in their nature and material composition. The sculptures are, nonetheless, emboldened with a sense of movement and dynamism as a result of the intentional repetition and specific positioning of their constituting elements.


Overall, I seek to generate the physical engagement of the viewers as they develop a subjective experiential discourse with my works.

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